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  •  Re-stringing: Standard 6 Sting $35 (plus strings)    
  •  Basic Set-up Acoustic and Electric: $105
  • New intonated bone saddle plus set-up $130 compensated saddle $140
  • New bone nut plus set-up $165      
  • Set-up: Locking Tremelo: $160 minimum
  • Full Fret Topping: $195-210 (includes set-up)     
  • Refret: $600 & up (includes set-up)     
  • Bridge Removal and Replacement: $225 & up   
  • Neck Reset: $1400 (includes re-fret)     
  • Electric guitar pickup installation with backplate (example, Les Paul): base price $85 and up
  • Fender style guitar pickup installation: Flat Rate $85 and up (includes restring and intonation)
  • Artchtop guitar pickup installation with no backplate: Flat Rate $175
  • Broken headstock repairs range from $100 and up         

  • Locking Tremelos or 12-Strings will have additional charges   

Repairs Restorations & Installations

   We do everything in guitar repair from re-stringing, set-ups and adjustments, to complete restorations of Vintage instruments. We receive instruments for repair from all over the world including DeAngelico’s and pre-war D-45’s. We welcome any repairs - beach guitars, "problem guitars", basket cases and masterpieces. It’s fruitless to attempt a detailed listing of repair prices as most
guitars need multiple services performed and some "fixes" are included in the price of others. Therefore, actual estimates have to be made on a per guitar basis. However, for those who insist, listed below is a sampling of rough labor estimates.:




Tel: (949) 497-2110

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